Hi! Is everybody as worried as I am about the conditions today?

Hi! Is everybody as worried as I am about the conditions today?
I am not a very religious person.  I do believe in God and have faith in him to the extent that he is the Karta(कर्ता) but have nothing against any culture or religion.   have no driving urge to prove my religion is the best or so is my culture or history.  Have no great urge either to prove my country is great. All these are things which are there or not there makes no difference to me. Does all this make me less patriotic, or less religious I’m not sure.  Don’t have the pressing need to please anybody or to even defeat someone.
Sometimes it seems I’m happy with my innerspace, at other times I get too easily hurt. I try not to let others dictate me into reactions though the art is not fully acquired as yet. My reaction to negative people is to distance myself if not physically then mentally.


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