IMG4AEDHey let’s start again. Again from the bottom of the pit. Again from hell. Again from the burn, pain and guilt. Let’s start again. Let’s walk through this hell again. You may kick me, push me, punch me, throw me off the edge but trust me you won’t like the battle when I’ll come up. Because this time I’m not going back. I’ll be around when you’ll need me but don’t push me. I’ve learned to fight with beasts worse than fear and you don’t know what they are like. I’ve been there for too long. It’s time to come up. And I’ll be fine once again to fall in there because I have made quite a few friends there. But I won’t go back. It’s my fight now, my journey and my turn. I’ll walk the way on my own cuz I know how to survive the burn, the pain and the heartbreaks. I will still be fine when I’ll get these heartbreaks and pain. I’ll be fine. I’ll walk again. And when you’ll push me I’ll stand up again. After all people are always scared of the one who stood up again.


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