Hero within


I don’t know if I have a hero within me or not or how I’ll ever find it but I do know everyone has one within them. Everyone has that one hero within them who refuses to stop, who refuses to give up even when the world is falling apart. The one who will hold onto every dream he believes in no matter what happens. We all have that hero somewhere within us maybe he is running in our blood talking to us through our pulse making us aware of his presence telling us we have a reason to hold on, we have a reason to keep trying, to keep moving forward. We all have him. But the thing is I don’t know how we discover him. He is there
in our thoughts when everything is going down in the dark abyss and sometimes we too fall in it but our hero makes us climb that wall again. Maybe he lives in our thoughts and conscience who can make us leave our selfish choices for someone else. Who can make us forget what grudges are. Someone who knows it’s not our journey alone, we’ll have to help each other out, learn from each other and respect each others. Maybe we don’t really have to find him maybe all we need to do is believe in him, believe in our hero. The hero that runs in our veins, speaking to us through pulse. Living in our conscience, telling us good will always prevail. Telling us we can’t lose hope or stop believing in good because now the moon is hidden, it will come out again till then just believe. Telling us that we all can do something greater than the world said our aim was, maybe we can decide that for ourselves. We all are heroes, somehow or another, for ourselves or others, but we are. We all save someone from that bitter loneliness if not a city or world. We all climb heights to reach our dreams if not fly. We all are someone who can bring a change to the harsh and messy reality. We all can set examples why we have to keep moving forward and most importantly why we need to believe in ourselves. We already are heroes. Maybe i’m wrong but I don’t think we can save anyone without dragging ourselves out from that hatred, jealousy and negative thoughts which we somehow let overpower us.


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