Do we give too much importance to the concept of happiness..or are we conditioned to believe that the aim of our existence is the pursuit of happiness itself..should we challenge the concept itself or keep looking for happiness..which is never found or if found is temporary..never really is achieved never really is found if found or gathered slips out ultimately..why then we not accept happiness is not what we believe or rather running away from grief sadness difficulties is the actual culprit…it is these emotional turmoil which lets our soul evolve ..makes us realise what is life ..so let’s accept the sadder version of life and turn the concept of happiness on its head.. pursuing happiness is what gives us the pain we never actually reach that heaven of happiness ever ..do we actually know what it is..maybe once we stop running after happiness we may find our peace ..to believe happiness is there to be achieved and collected forever is what makes us sad ..to face our griefs head on and counter them and come out from these turmoils unscathed..or even more polished and stronger so as to be ready for the next level of the ‘game of life’ should be the actual accomplishment..


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