Do we give too much importance to the concept of happiness..or are we conditioned to believe that the aim of our existence is the pursuit of happiness itself..should we challenge the concept itself or keep looking for happiness..which is never found or if found is temporary..never really is achieved never really is found if found or gathered slips out ultimately..why then we not accept happiness is not what we believe or rather running away from grief sadness difficulties is the actual culprit…it is these emotional turmoil which lets our soul evolve ..makes us realise what is life ..so let’s accept the sadder version of life and turn the concept of happiness on its head.. pursuing happiness is what gives us the pain we never actually reach that heaven of happiness ever ..do we actually know what it is..maybe once we stop running after happiness we may find our peace ..to believe happiness is there to be achieved and collected forever is what makes us sad ..to face our griefs head on and counter them and come out from these turmoils unscathed..or even more polished and stronger so as to be ready for the next level of the ‘game of life’ should be the actual accomplishment..


Cadaver , we carry them on our shoulders

Cadaver of religion caste politics democracy

Carry them fight for them kill for them

Protecting them all our lives

Protecting them so that we can gift wrap them and give them to our next generation

For them to carry it all their lives and pass it on

Could have shrugged them off

Travelled into the light knowledge


But we’re too scared to do something


Carried on what everyone did

Terrified and secured with the weight on our shoulders

Imagining it to be our shield

Let our peers, leaders feed on our fears

And made them stronger

Our fears made them superheroes

And we made our coming generations

Tied up with these chains never moving forward

Slaves of traditions culture politics religion


Reaching fifty..you tend to sit back and think ..was it worth it? Did you achieve what you were supposed to…Now nothing is pushing you to go and get it..you got what you were supposed to get..You were treated the way you allowed yourself to be treated.. nothing more nothing less …your responses were conditioned by your upbringing and What you learnt enroute ..you tend to let go..what matters is you and your soul..hormones have ebbed..no more over the top reactions..no more insecurities..you are sure come what may there will always be a way..life has peacefully settled into a pattern..Nothing is permanent you know …you have collected a great lot of experience..that’s going to stay..You lost precious people on the way … but that’s the way..you are grateful that you were blessed by their presence.. you could look back and be absorbed in the past..or could just relax and savour the present..let your soul be healed..so you could be ready for next cycle of your life..just at peace with yourself..


जागो भी
अब जागने की बारी तुम्हारी है
कब तक सोती रहोगी
अब होश में आने की बारी तुम्हारी है
जाते रहे लोग तुम पर कदम रख कर
देवी बना चिनवाते रहे मूर्तियों में
तुम चुप रहीं सोती रही
दायरे बनाते रहे रेखाएँ खीचते रहे
तुम कटघरे मे बँधती रही
मौन सोती रही
अपनी खुशी के लिए इस्तेमाल करते रहे
वो बाँधते रहे तुम बँधती रही
मर्यादाएं ओढ़ती रहीं ढकती रहीं
सीमाएं लाँधने की सजा सहती रही
खामोश सोती रही
जागो भी अब
जागने की बारी तुम्हारी है
अब बेटियां तुम्हारी
बाँधी जायेंगी चिनवायी जायेंगी
तुमसे भी ज्यादा सताई जायेंगी
सोती रहोगी क्या फिर भी
फिर तो धिक्कारी जाओगी
औलादों से भी अपनी
तो जागो अब
क्योंकि जागने की अब
बारी तुम्हारी है
बेटियों को अपनी बचाने की
अब जिम्मेदारी तुम्हारी है


My resilience is not your strength

And my tolerence will never be your victory

I give you space for I believe in freedom

And bear your stupidity to know your limit

But remember you are on a leash

Leash of my retaliation

Of my anger

If you destroy what I cherish

Your foolishness will not be an alibi

Your pain will not be for mercy

Then what will be will be

Swift and steady


क्या करें

क्या करें कि हमको भी
थोड़ी सी अक्ल आ जाये
उम्र के इस दौर में
हम भी थोड़ा संभल जायें
थोड़ा सा हँसे कम
और ज़रा सा मुस्कुराए
हर बात पर उछल कर
हम न बिफर जायें
ज़माने को बदलने की
इस जिद्द को थोड़ा बिसर जायें
वक्त की हालात की
संजीदगी हमको भी समझ आये
ए काश के हम जमाने से
थोड़ा सा तो डरें
और पालतू बन जायें

आज भी

साँसों मे मेरी आज भी
खुशबू सा उतरता है
आँखों में इक ख्वाब है
जो नीन्दों मे मचलता है
सवेरे के धुन्घलके मे
तू धूप सा चमकता है
आज भी मेरी जुल्फों मे
फूलों सा महकता है
यादों के मोड़ पर
तू हँसी सा खनकता है
समन्दर में अहसासों के
तू सैलाब सा उमडता है
ए प्यार तू आज भी
न जाने क्यों मेरे सीने मे धड़कता है